Shop with a Cop

In the course of a police officer's work many times we come in contact with children, who through no fault of their own, are in difficult and disadvantaged circumstances, and many times we feel helpless and frustrated by our inability to change their situation.

However, 3 times each year during the holiday season, the Brainerd Police Department, in partnership with the Lakes Area Law Enforcement Association, do a little part to bring joy and light to these young people's lives. The event, "Shop with a Cop," partners police officers with disadvantaged children who might not otherwise have this opportunity. Through shared partnership with corporate sponsors Fleet Farm, Target, and Walmart, police officers pick up children at their home, share a breakfast with them compliments of McDonald's and Target, and then take the children shopping. Lakes Area Law Enforcement volunteers assist the officers and help the children with wrapping their chosen gifts. The look on their faces and the excitement they feel each year embodies the true Christmas spirit.