My Favorite Book

My Favorite Book is a unique program that brings community leaders, schools, and other civic organizations together with families and their children to teach and cultivate basic positive character traits. Local first graders were presented with their own copy of "My Favorite Book" by Brainerd Police Officers, who then read a portion of the book to the students in their first grade classroom.

Chapters in "My Favorite Book" cover the following positive character traits:
  • Good Manners (about being polite and respectful of others)
  • Being Responsible (about grandparents, good food from farms and doing our chores)
  • Friendship (about bullies and what it takes to be a real friend)
  • My Town (about good communities and the people who live in them)
  • The Hero (about a kid who knows emergency procedures and does the right thing even though he is afraid)
  • Family (about family, heritage, tradition and love)
  • Trouble (about poison and how Tommy got into trouble by not following the rules)
  • Be Good to Your Body (about taking care of your body and staying healthy)
  • Parent Guide (about helping the whole family enjoy My Favorite Book and thanking the people who gave it to you)


This project was supported and funded by:
My Favorite Book