10-Year Capital Improvement Plan


The City of Brainerd utilizes a capital improvement planning process to plan street and utility replacement projects.  The 10-Year Capital Improvement Plan is an investment guide for the construction and/or improvements to the City streets, sanitary sewers, and storm sewers.  The City prepares this plan to assist the City Council in long range planning of capital infrastructure upgrades and to give the big picture perspective on the continuing need to fund a transportation and utility system that serves the constituents of Brainerd and uses their tax dollars in the most efficient manner.

It is important to note the the 10-Year Capital Improvement Plan is a fluid document, and therefore amendments thereto will be presented to the City Council on an annual basis when changes need to be made.  Changes to the document or priorities established in the plan should be expected and can be caused by reductions in funding levels, project delays due to price fluctuations, opportunities for grants and other aides, delays in obtaining permits or necessary approvals, emergency needs, or simply changes in community preferences.

2024-2033 City of Brainerd Street and Sewer Capital Improvement Plan