2020 Community Fitness Challenge

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The Brainerd YMCA is hosting a Community Wellness Challenge!

WHAT: Community Wide Fitness Challenge - all ages and community members welcome

WHEN: Monday, May 25 - Sunday, July 5 (6 week challenge)

COST: FREE! Donations accepted for COVID-19 community relief 

WHY: COVID-19 has taken a hard hit on our community. Being in quarantine for over 2 months (or more) has been challenging for our physical, mental and spiritual health. Starting Memorial Day, the YMCA is taking the lead in starting a new kind of "fitness challenge", encompassing a holistic approach to health and to build resiliency. Not to mention, this challenge can even help us start losing the "Quarantine 19" that this virus has maybe had on our waistlines.

To participate in this challenge:

1. Register online at https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70a0e4cada62dabf58-community. It’s FREE!

2. Invite all your friends to join WITH you.


Click to Join Facebook Group!

4. Download and print off all PDFs needed for the challenge found in the UNITS tab on the left of the Facebook group. If you cannot print these off, the Brainerd YMCA will have a packet for participants at their center starting Tuesday, May 26th. 

5. Write down your goals for the 6 week challenge on the SMART GOALS sheet.

6. Every day, engage in 1 activity for your mind, one activity for your body, and one activity for your spirit - THAT’S IT! The entire goal of this challenge is to push each participant each day to do one thing for their mind, body, and spirit. Track this daily in the Daily Habit Tracker.

7. Check the Facebook group daily for LIVE Zoom workouts, healthy recipes, weekly challenges, prizes, and more! 

8. SHARE your "fit" 6 week journey with us! Post your pictures, videos, or different activities you’ve been doing in the Brainerd Lakes Area and hashtag #StrongerBLA

Please be sure you REGISTER for this challenge if you are in this Facebook group. We are working on ordering t-shirts for those of you who have registered, and we need your shirt size! I promise you, the shirts will be super cool and they will be provided FREE for all those who complete the #StrongerBLA challenge.

Don’t miss out! Register here https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70a0e4cada62dabf58-community