"Catch of the Day" in Lum Park!

catch of the day

Bragging rights! Please submit your catch of the day and we will post it here! 

Information to submit: 

  1. Your first and last name
  2. Type of fish
  3. Length of fish
  4. Weight of fish (roughly)
  5. Picture (jpg or png)


  1. Fish must be caught in Rice Lake, Lum Park Brainerd MN
  2. Only one fish per person can be posted per day, if you out fish yourself the next day we can exchange photos. 
  3. Fish submissions must have physical measurement evidence in photo for accuracy.

We will be keeping track of the heaviest and longest fish in each species. The current fish leader photos will remain constant until beat out by a new fish submission. 

Email us your "Catch of the Day"!