Parks Scavenger Hunt

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Brainerd Parks and Recreation Presents:

Summer Park Scavenger Hunt Series

Welcome one and all to the Brainerd 2020 Summer Park Scavenger Hunt Series. We know that with everything going on, it has been harder than ever to get outside and explore everything that this fine world has for us. The Brainerd Parks and Recreation Department now has something that it can offer to the community and we hope that it provides some fun-filled entertainment for all who may decide to participate.

The Summer Park Scavenger Hunt Series is a series of riddle like puzzles that were created that will lead you to a specific object/structure within or around the Brainerd Park System. Each riddle will lead you to one particular park and then you will have to solve the final clue to find the landmark to complete that set. If you think you have found the item, then take a photo striking some awesome posses and send them to the Brainerd Parks and Recreation Department either by email or by tag @BrainderdParksandRecreation on Facebook.

  1. You can use anything at your disposal for locating the parks (i.e. using google maps, apps, regular maps, etc...)
  2. You may do this solo, in duos, or in groups. Make it a family outing, a hangout with your friend, or have it be a solo adventure to test your problem-solving skills
  3. Be creative with your final photo but make sure it is appropriate. Maybe you want to make it magazine-worthy or it can just be an awesome selfie

Set Five

Set Five: Riddle #9

The time has come to see who will come forth

To find me you must look to the North

The home of a young baseball league

Maybe this is something of an intrigue

I may or may not be easy to find

Something to keep in the back of your mind


This park cannot decide which number it liked better

So it chose to be just south of a specific letter

It is a perfect place for the family to be chillin

Even if it shares part of the name with a Disney Villain


This one is a bit tricky to find, so lets make it fair

Cause one thing about this park, it is quite bare

Keep a watchful eye out for the tiniest of signs,

As it may be among the smallest of lines

Set Five: Riddle #10

Welcome to the place that is dedicated to the troops

It has brought in many different types of groups

You can find me with my good friend Mill

As we are always improving our Skill


Not too far away there is quite a historic site

For some it is just one of their life highlights, 

Bring your family, bring your friends

This is the place to stay up with the trends


Maybe look high maybe look low,

Keep an eye out for a type of pole and you will know where to go

Now is not the time to take a break or wait

The item you seek is used to commemorate

Set Four

Set Four: Riddle #7

This one is not too far from one of the previous entries

So it should not take many centuries

Here there are quite a few options to partake

As there are plenty of reasons to just take a break

Whether you want to enjoy nature or just enjoy life

This is the place where there is little strife


Here there are plenty of items to keep one busy

You may even find that it could make you a bit dizzy

But this place is great to befriend

Maybe you could even bring man’s best friend

For this is the place that they will love

And it is the place that you shall always talk of 


Take a look around as I am not hard to find

Off to the side that is where I was created and designed

If you were to take a little Southern March 

You would find my more famous cousin, The Gateway Arch

Set Four: Riddle #8

It is almost time for our curtain call

So here we are at the biggest of them all

Head to the east and there you will find

An amazing place that you can unwind

This is the place you can find our staff

Hard at work but always finding time to get in a laugh


This is a place to access the water

Maybe you get lucky and see a river otter

If that is not up your alley it is alright

Cause we have a bit more for the limelight

Perhaps you are a fan of taking a risk

So why not try your hand throwing the disc


Head on down too see our cool new jetty

It is not hard to find unlike the fierce Yeti

This could be the brand new spot for a hangout

Or this is perhaps the place to catch yourself an eelpout

Set Three

Set Three: Riddle #5

Here is a place that is like a wish

For you can pick and choose where to fish

Maybe that is not your style

So instead why not hike a mile

This is a hint of where I am located

It is a tad hard to access with it being partially blockaded

There has been some new work being done here

If you look closely it has a section of new pier

Very close to some second homes

Just come on down afterward to get in some free roams

Come on over to this riverfront

And lets try to finish this little hunt

This is one that is not covered in muck

Rather it is a very colored kind of duck

Set Three: Riddle #6

Hidden off the beaten path of a main drag

Coming here may give you a reason to brag

You may find some great hockey thrills

Or you can work on your baseball skills

You need not to make a call

Just come on down to play some ball

This is a great place to work on some tricks

Or you can just find time to do some kicks

Named after an enemy of the Batman

He is often mistaken for the leading man

Look around this park and find the unique

As what you are looking for has an awesome mystique

This may not be the Field of Dreams

But it still holds events for some amazing teams

Off to the side you will find a few signs

They point to a few of the MLB Shrines

Set Two

Set Two: Riddle #3

Welcome to the place that is as good as any

Just do not mistake me for the one with Penny

Off to the North is the Northern Pacific Center

Just make your way South and you can enter

What I can offer is plenty of space

As well as a chance to become an ace

Surrounded by green and plenty of trees,

This is a place to catch some breeze

Off to the side is a fun little spot

So bring the little ones, just a thought

This park has two distinct sections

That means there are multiple places to make connections

The item you are looking for is similar to a sling

With a shape that is that of a ring

Often found hanging from the ole oak tree

This makes one feel as if they are flying and free

Enjoyed by both kids and adults

Can you come to find the results

Set Two: Riddle #4

It may not have that much

But it just has that little bit of magic touch

Take it from me, there are some tight corners

Yet there is not enough to say that it is in Quarters

Located North of Great Brainerd Downtown

It is a place for you to just come hang around the playground

It may be small but do not let that keep you down

Cause it is still a part of this good ole town

When you come here, be sure to use your imagination

Cause the truth of this park is that it has one foundation

Get creative when you try to pose on the slide

And try to show off as much of that Brainerd Pride

Set One

Set One: Riddle #1

I am to the South, away from the rest

But I could very well be the very best

Named after an animal that was abundant in mass number

But now they are by far outnumbered

Being here there are a couple of options

So can you come up with some unique concoctions

Come on down to play some ball

For this summer does not have to keep you as its thrall

Maybe playing ball is not up your specific alley

So why not just come on down and dillydally

The item that you are hunting for holds the answers to what is always asked for

As people are always asking for the updated score

It is not something too hard to miss

And it gives players or fans a chance to reminisce

Set One: Riddle #2

Welcome to the park that offers so much

It was created with a very special touch

Come on down to play the Sport of Kings

Or try your hand with Streetball of all things

Just thinking of something to do on a whim

Maybe bring the kids to come play on the jungle gym

Sittin between some Juniper and Holly

This is the place where you won’t make any folly

Whether you are living in your golden years or just starting your youth

This park offers it all and that is the truth

Now don’t be fooled by the obvious attraction

As that is but a mere distraction

There is one that is just as photo worthy

Others may even say that it will be praiseworthy

This structure could be very well known

But just in case, look for the arc that is made of stone