Navigating Roundabouts

To navigate through a roundabout follow these simple rules:


  • Approach slowly, choosing the correct lane for your destination
  • Yield to pedestrians and do not pass bicyclists using the roundabout
  • Look left, and yield to traffic in the roundabout
  • Turn right and proceed into the roundabout
  • Turn right onto your destination street, signaling your turn
  • If you encounter an emergency vehicle while in the roundabout, drive though the roundabout, then pull over


  • Always stay on the designated walkways, never cross to the center island
  • Watch for cars; you have the right-of-way, but your best protection is your own attention
  • Cross the roundabout one approach at a time, using the splitter island as a refuge prior to crossing the next lane of traffic


  • Option one; if you are comfortable riding with traffic, circulate through the roundabout like a vehicle
  • Option two; if you are not comfortable riding with traffic, navigate the roundabout as if you are a pedestrian