Housing & Redevelopment Authority

Regular Meetings

  • When: 1:00 pm   4th Wednesday of every month
  • Where:   HRA office conference room or City Hall Council Chambers
  • Special meetings called as necessary


  • Kevin Yeager - term expires 12/31/2027
  • Rebekah Kent - term expire 12/31/2023
  • Allie Verchota - term expires 12/31/2024
  • Michael Duval - term expires 12/31/2025
  • Wayne Erickson - term expires 12/31/2025
  • Janet Decker - term expires 12/31/2027
  • Council Member Gabe Johnson (Council Liaison) - term expires 12/31/2022


Recommended by Mayor, Approved by Council


To create and retain affordable housing for the residents of the City of Brainerd by establishing policy, acquiring and redeveloping property, and seeking funding to construct new affordable housing units.

Committee Membership

The Commission is comprised of seven members; one of which is a member of the City Council and one which is a resident commissioner.

Qualifications to Serve

  • Must be a resident of the City of Brainerd
  • Cannot be a public officer or an employee of the City of Brainerd
  • Citizens interested in the condition of existing housing and the need for additional affordable units in the City of Brainerd

Length of Term

  • Five years


  • $75 per meeting

More Information