Dog Related City Licensing

Brainerd City Code 1010.01 Section 1010 – Licensing Fees 1010.01 Fees Set. The fees for the various licenses required by this code are set forth in this subsection under the following headings: 

Type of License License Fee Schedule

Type of Liscense
Section Requiring LicenseFee Schedule
Subd. 7. Miscellaneous

Unspayed or Unneutered Dogs900$20
Spayed or Neutered Dogs900$15
Replacement of Dog Tags900$15
Impound Feesfor Dogs or Cats900$25/ plus an additional sum equal to the cost of the City for feeding/housing the dog or cat in a kennel
Kennel License900$35


Penalty for Late Payment of License Fees. Subdivision 1. No Penalty. No penalty for the late payment of any license shall be incurred by any licensee provided the owner or his agent makes application for the renewal of his existing license to the City ClerkTreasurer and includes therein the payment of the required fee therefore prior to the expiration date of said license except when the applicable expiration date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, in which event the application and payment for the renewal license shall be due on the next day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday. “Legal holiday” includes any holiday designated in Minnesota Statutes Section 645.44, Subdivision 5, as a holiday.

 (Amended Ord. 1417 – 2014) 

Subd. 2. Penalty for Late Payment. Every person whose licensed trade, business, profession, activity, or privilege is licensed by the City, other than one who has been closed down or who has not operated such activity in the City after the expiration of the licensing year, shall pay to the City Clerk the regular license fee and in addition thereto the following penalty for late application for a renewal license: 

a) one to 14 days late, a ten percent penalty, but not less than $5.00;

 b) 15 to 30 days late, a 25 percent penalty, but not less than $10.00; 

c) after expiration of 30 days from the due date, the activity for which a license is required shall cease and no new license or permit for such activity shall be considered until the owner of the business personally appears before the City Council. If the new license or permit is approved, the fee shall consist of the amount set forth for the new licenses and permits, plus the late penalty fee that was not paid for the old license. Brainerd City Code 1010.03 Subd. 

3 Subd. 

3. Late Payment of the License Fee with Penalty No Bar to Prosecution for Operating Without a License. The late payment of the license fee together with the penalty set forth herein is no bar to a prosecution by the City for operating any licensed trade, business, profession, activity, or privilege within the City without a license therefore.