Construction Projects 2023

Improvement 19-12 - North Brainerd Reconstruction Project

Construction Update Videos: 5/23/2023

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The City is reconstructing multiple streets in North Brainerd beginning in mid-April, 2023.  The street reconstructions will take place on:

  • N 3rd Street - Washington Street to Holly Street
  • N 6th Street - Washington Street to Juniper Street
  • N 7th Street - Kingwood Street to Holly Street
  • Juniper Street - N 2nd Street to N 10th Street

Planned Construction

  • Improved safety to motorists and pedestrians utilizing the corridor
  • New street surface
  • New curb and gutter
  • Upgraded and upsized storm sewer to help mitigate localized flooding issues
  • New watermain and watermain connections to replace old, deteriorated pipe
  • Median island constructed on N 6th Street between Kingwood and Juniper Street
  • Pedestrian curb bump outs located on intersections near Gregory Park where high pedestrian traffic is anticipated
  • Tree replacements (1:1 replacement of existing trees that need removal due to construction conflicts or areas in the boulevard that are bare)

Construction Timeline

Construction is scheduled to begin mid-April with planned completion the beginning of October.

Traffic and Access

Local street closures are anticipated at times during construction.  Access to properties near the project will be maintained throughout the project duration.  There will be times where properties may be inaccessible due to construction.  Project representatives will be communicating these closures with affected residents or businesses.