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Driveway / Curb Cut Permit Application

  1. Project Information
  2. Type of Property*
  3. Applicant Information
  4. Applicant type*
  5. *Tenant/Occupant must submit written approval from property owner with application
  6. (contractor name must be submitted if not applicant)
  7. Applicant is responsible for all locations and Gopher State One Calls. Please describe and check all that apply. Include one scale drawing of the project area.
  8. Driveway / Access Information
  9. Type of Application*
  10. Type of Work*
  11. Does Driveway Cross the Sidewalk*
    *see note below on sidewalk replacement
  12. If yes, will the sidewalk be replaced
  13. Existing Driveway*
  14. Existing curb cut/apron*
  15. Existing driveway material
  16. Proposed driveway material*
  17. Installation by*
  18. The following must be included on the drawing submitted.
    • Lot width and depth
    • Location of the house, garage(s), sidewalk(s), shed, or any other structures or hard cover with surface area indicated in square feet
    • Location of the existing driveway and curb cut (as applicable) with surface area indicated in square feet
    • Location of the proposed driveway and curb cut indicated in red pen/pencil with surface area indicated in square feet
    • Distance from the proposed driveway to all property lines
    • SIDEWALKS - driveways that cross City sidewalks must meet the following conditions: Sidewalk must be six (6) inch concrete and sidewalk cross slope cannot exceed two percent. FAILURE TO MEET CONDITIONS WILL RESULT IN REPLACEMENT OF SIDEWALK.
  19. Acknowledgement and Signature
    The undersigned has read and agrees to abide by the city’s driveway/access/curb cut ordinance and regulations. The undersigned understands that this application will be processed in accordance with established city review procedures at such time as it is deemed complete and no work may commence prior to city approval. Failure by the applicant to supply accurate and necessary information as requested by the city may be cause for denying this application. The undersigned hereby understands that if the city finds that the driveway/access/curb cut is not in compliance with city ordinances, the city may require the work to be brought into compliance, upon notice to the property owner. The undersigned hereby applies for the work stated in this application form and declares that the information on this application is accurate and complete, to the best of their knowledge.
  20. *Actual signature (not electronic) will be required on the City's permit document
  21. Once your permit has been approved by the City, you will receive an email with your permit number, which is required for online payments. Payment can then be made at the City's webstore, in person at City Hall, or with a check through the mail.
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